On Earth in which exact location is the city of Riga to the equator and the Greenwich meridian? If you do not know what are the coordinates of Riga with respect to the equator then here you will find what you need. The latitude and longitude are two fundamental coordinates to position anywhere on the earth's surface. Also the location of a human being can be traced precisely through the use of these two coordinates that are measured in degrees and fractions of a degree.

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But the city of Riga where he is exactly where on the globe, in which the european region? It can be useful for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, excessive anger and fear. Building a dream was the first phrase that came to mind when I read the Neptune aspect to the very constructive Capricorn energy.

But the star Vega is one of contradiction as it has the dreamy romantic energy but also a very fiercely protective and authoritarian one too. Artists agents or rock star managers have a very Vega energy about them as they may not have great artistic talent themselves, but they can certainly see it in others. Glamour is a big theme but also using it in a way that is very much like magic, as a way to psychologically control others.

Advertising is also a very Vega-type energy. I would also say propaganda too as Pluto is widely conjunct this Solar Eclipse too. Enablers can become very bewitched under the influence of this solar eclipse and there is also an amount of delusion in relationships too. The best use of this Solar eclipse January Astrology would be to entice your beloved with dedicating songs to them, serenade and seduce with beautiful art inspired by them. They will be so flattered and you will melt their hearts if you have planets connected with this solar eclipse.

Remember the effects of a solar eclipse last 6 months you have plenty of time to be inspired by your muse. If you have no art that you can dive into you might find it very hard to keep your feet on the ground. There is also the feeling of taming a wild heart by reciting romantic poetry to it. This is an eclipse where beautiful art can heal and console a raw and tender heart. What does it mean?

I suspect this is going to be a big one for me.

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I feel astrology works well. Surely, the transits have their stories and we need to read them carefully. Neptune is also the spirit world and maybe this eclipse has something about it. Like the whole surah is hissing like a snake. Yes I do get suspicious of astrology!

All the time, but there are too many spooking synchronicities too. Could your time be wrong? It would change your rising star even if it is off by 10 minutes.

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Marina, this the polarity comment is hilariously true! Looks like another dicey lunation for me!

These are strange days for sure! And in their career, their managers will notice these kinds of situations and pay attention to how the Capricorn Neptune sign person approaches the problem. If they can maintain a calm exterior and strategize a solution quickly, others will take notice.

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And this kind of attention can earn a promotion, which means more wealth and higher status. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! They automatically take the reins of any situation for they think they know best, but not everyone will fall in line. Neptune in Capricorn finds this extremely frustrating and can sometimes fall into depression if they are continuously shot down by other people. They are used to being the authority and expect others to recognize that authority.

If they feel they have lost control of a situation, their disappointment can consume them after awhile. Test Now!

Even though they are one of the most strong-willed and determined signs of the zodiac, everyone has their breaking point. They are well-prepared for many situations throughout their lifetime. And when this happens, they can become a bit flustered, for they always believe that they thought of everything possible!

Read about Neptune — Planet of Spirituality.