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2018 horoscope for all zodiac signs: Find out what the stars have in store for you

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In India during 15th century, Guru Nanak, the prophet of Sikh religion, rejected the Vedic astrology by his scientific argument 4 : 'Units of Indian time, viz. By God's grace, all days and months are beneficial for human kind'. UGC Chairperson who says, 'Every one is interested in knowing about what the future holds for them and there are plenty of jyotishis in the country. So we want to produce professionals to secure the confidence and faith of people' Indian Express, Bhubaneswar edn, 30 March The University Grants Commission UGC has prepared guidelines for setting up of departments of vedic astrology in The objectives of the academic programme are described as follows: 'Vedic astrology is not only one of the main subjects of our traditional and classical knowledge but this is the discipline which lets us know the events happening in human life and in the universe on time scale.

Starting of the courses in Vedic astrology in the universities will not only impart the knowledge of this subject to the people but will also add a new dimension for research in the fields of Hindu-Mathematics, Vastushastra, Meteorological Studies, Agriculture Science, Space Science, etc'. Rao, said that astrology was not a science and did not conform to the established practices of science.

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Ganeshaiah, K. Enter your email address:. Note: This website is for educational Purposes only. Astrology-to Be Believed Or Not. Astrology is part of the ancient tradition of every society in one form or the other.

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The objectives of the academic programme are described as follows:. Research journals have reported how controlled experiments were performed but failed to prove anything in favour of astrology or horoscope.

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