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Aries Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

That's good stuff to chew on for a while. You're very teachable these days, mostly because you want to learn, are highly receptive and just happen to be surrounded by some of the best and brightest minds. You weren't around when earlier generations of your family made their mistakes, and yet you're still affected by those and are likewise still being influenced by their successes.

You'll be on the lookout for examples of love, compassion, decency Though you may have to start with a lower standard such as "people who don't bicker on social media" and work up from there. Ideas inspire you but examples give you something to strive for. Examples, plus instructions, followed by action is the magic sequence that will transform your life. Theoretical knowledge could really let people down today so wherever possible, put the thing in action, give it legs, take it out of your mind and let it dance or stumble around, as the case may be on the stage of life.

You'll have an exchange with an adjacent person in a public setting. This is true even if no words are exchanged, as you'll be picking up and deflecting all sorts of energies Your reasons for loving people don't always stay the same.

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As the relationship moves along, reasons are added, subtracted and adjusted. Stay flexible and open to the natural movement of life. If you're not sure where to look for that one treasure of your soul that you've yet to uncover, then don't worry. That's a lie. There are actually fields and fields of treasure, and anywhere you start digging you're likely to find some. So excavate.

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Whether it's emotional, physical, spiritual, professional or other, you'll find gold. Leo and Aquarius adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 17, 8, 40, 33 and It often happened that people were prematurely written off, only to wake up from some unconscious state to find they'd already been grieved and buried with a Bible where it might have been nice to have, say, a pickax. This is why many cultures developed rituals to make sure not to get it wrong — like leaving a bell for the corpse to ring or chopping off a finger.

If the digital snip startled the "corpse" alive, then whoops! In March of , you will already live the love differently than usually — more exactly, as a warm and fuzzy feeling of happiness, although nothing is going to change on the outside. The middle of July will bring beneficial changes in the sentimental life. Again, a visible success! The stars are making beautiful promises: Your career is doing well. There are no disagreements within your family and focus is all that is in your head hence nothing is making you lose money instead you are making lots of it. The horoscope for February Aries foretells that you will do well in your education at this time of the year.

Success will be your portion. All your hard work and efforts will be compensated by attaining good grades and achieving your goals and objectives. According to the Aries February horoscope predictions , travels this month will bring you a lot of gains whether they are vocational or business related. Refer Numerology Horoscope. Tags aries february Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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You will have the liberty to move freely, meet many new people, and have some fun blowing off steam. But in order to find great love among all this turmoil, you might have to take a step back and gain some perspective. On the 19th, the new moon could help you take stock. This is a month where you will have to deal with overwhelming energy and feelings that will set in for good along with a a sense of sobriety and responsibility.

In love, as much as in friendship, it won't do to show off - you'll have to prove your worth. Use the time wisely.

Release processing regrets. Now is a very good time to look into the future through the lens of the past. Find your vision.

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You only have to face your self-created demons and give them a place at the table, too. Remember to take comfort where you can. Everybody needs a binky sometimes — small increments of assurance are worth a great deal right now. Call your best bro. God is in the details. Cut back on the daytime stimulants. Get more exercise. Put more raw, unsalted nuts in your diet.

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Think about a gentle cleanse — or even a thorough house cleaning. Throw on your cape and play Underdog. It used to be exciting.

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Upon whom will you depend when the world rocks back? Libra: Time and tide keep you awake at night. Learn to live with this third eye halfway open. Learn to find the joy and beauty in the stark. Scorpio: Destiny wears many masks. Heroism happens in every key.

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The extraordinary walks in anonymity. Call in a professional about that roof issue. Sagittarius: You looked a long time before you committed. You developed alternative strategies before you set out on your present path.

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You asked experts and the person on the street before you made your map. You did your homework, but you might not know for a while. Capricorn: If it were easy, everyone would have done it already. If it were simple, the market would be flooded. If it were a walkover, the field would be crowded. Roll in it for a while. Aquarius: Heaven helps those who help themselves. Pisces: If not for the imperfections of the world, the beauties of daily life would be less visible. Live in the entropic, carbon-based now. Give yourself props for existing with infinite beauty in a finite envelope.

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