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Join us for a 7-week career accelerator. In this online "summer camp" and mastermind in one, we'll use your astrology chart to catapult you to success.

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Stay focused, inspired and aligned with summer's most important astrological transits—and have a blast doing it! Aries : Stand your ground this week, Aries, even if you have to turn your strappy sandals into lead boots! This Monday This Monday, June 10, the radiant Sun beams into opposition with expansive Jupiter in your Gemini : Practice your acceptance speech.

This Monday, June 10 could finally bring you the recognition and kudos you deserve!

On Thursday, we'll all feel the itch to work super hard.

But at the same time, the skies are flashing a warning to keep your ego in check as the Gemini Sun opposes expansive Are you on track with the stars this year? Align your most important moves with the planets and capture the opportunities that await!

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Cancer : Steel your resolve, Cancer, even if you have to wall off your tender heart temporarily. On Monday, June 10, the Sun in your foggy twelfth house faces off with no-limits Jupiter, challenging your ability to say no—to anything!

This Monday, June 10, the Sun locks horns with supersizer Jupiter. This once-per-year opposition can dial up the intensity On Monday, June 10, the Sun in your tenth house of Libra : Did you get that in writing, Libra?

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You might want to be more vigilant about your record-keeping this Monday, June 10, when the Sun forms its once-a-year opposition to enthusiastic, expansive Jupiter across your communication axis Scorpio : Hold onto your fedora, Scorpio! On Monday, June 10, the ego-ruling Sun in your eighth house of intense emotions locks into its once-a-year opposition with enthusiastic Sagittarius : Hold the drags, Sagittarius!

That day, the Sun in your seventh house of dynamic duos makes its That day, the Sun in your house The Sun makes its once-a-year opposition to larger-than-life Pisces : Ready, aim, overshoot the mark?

This Monday, June 10, you might need to do a little target practice when it comes to your goals, both personal and professional. The Sun is set up nicely at base camp, but as the week kicks off, it forms its This could come from not feeling loveable enough as you are. You've got plenty of caring people in your world. Perhaps this is a moment to pull back a little and let them realize how much they actually need—and adore—you.

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Fire up your love light! This Tuesday, amorous Venus grooves into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until November 1.

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Regardless of your current status—from single to married to anything in between—your mojo is rising and, with it, your visibility. Simmering connections can intensify quickly under this transit, especially if you know what you want and think you may have found it. If things are too shaky for your liking, cut bait and fish in richer waters. And since the fifth house rules fertility, couples who are thinking of starting or expanding a family have three weeks of wind in their sails.

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So hang the Do Not Disturb sign and weigh anchor.