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Even with struggles and tensions with the one they chose, they tend to stay respectful and loyal, with a childlike affection for the person who sees their inner world clearly, open for interaction. A Capricorn born on December 26th works well with other people, understands relationships that are difficult for other people, and this helps them excel in therapeutic work, as well as any form of help for others that need peace, such as yoga, meditation or breathing teachings.

Bronzite is a wonderful crystal for a person born on the 26th of December, as it promotes peace and harmony in relationships with others, and their relationship with their own inner world. Still, its protective qualities might cause shifting blame, and while a person's using it, they should work on their issues with guilt and meditate often, cleansing self-criticism and criticism of others out of their system.

To make a choice of present for someone born on December 26th, you need to see their actual emotional quality before rushing to any conclusions.


They will enjoy colorful gifts, healing crystals that go hand in hand with other crystals, as well as tickets for music festivals or Disneyland with the right person by their side. Whatever you choose, they will be thankful for the thought. You can take a photograph, draw or paint a painting and frame it for their bedroom, or simply buy a beautiful piece of jewelry that will reflect on their true personality. Loving, deeply emotional and supportive of others, they are the true pillar of intimate connections who understand those wounded in similar ways to the point of healing, full disclosure, and absolute trust.

Capricorn - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Capricorn man - information and insights on the Capricorn man. Capricorn woman - information and insights on the Capricorn woman.

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Capricorn compatibility - the compatibility of Capricorn with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Capricorn history - the history of Capricorn and the stories behind it. If possible, these Capricorn know how to change it, only if they remember that they have the power to shape and improve the environment. The main advice to them is to try — they can resolve serious situations, and this is especially true when they see the suffering of humanity and therefore suffer for it themselves.

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By nature, these people are full of hope and perseverance; they should hold on to it, and it will help them to overcome many difficulties. In personal relationships, people who are born on December 26, like so many other Capricorns are very loyal, considerate and correct to their love partners. Their general mantra in life and love is to have clean relations, and love will last longer. Also, their lovers must be aware of the fact that they are working hard, that they love to be in charge and to give advice, they can even dedicate their lives in spreading knowledge into the world and connect people who could benefit from each other -there can be a little time for love.

For those individuals who belong to this date and that are less developed, we could say that they can be pessimistic, and hard to relax. Instead, they can rarely show emotions and are often withdrawn. Some of them may even use lovers, in a sense that it takes a lot of them, and give little in return. In some, more extreme cases, people who are born on this day may even be intolerant and prone to isolation if a company is not good at it.

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When things are not going in the right direction, they can be full of cynicism and sarcasm. Some of them because of their natural tendency to observe can become good detectives, or can be prominent in society at the expense of your wisdom, personality and views, which protects them from being part of any scandals or mistakes of others. Your sign is determined by the date of your birth.

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According to the tropical zodiac, the system most commonly used in mainstream media such a newspaper horoscopes, the signs are:. This association is part of the complex web of correspondences used by occultists. People attempting to attract the influences of fire, for example, may wish to do so during the times of the year ruled by a fire sign.

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The correspondences can also be used to describe people born under a certain element's signs. The element fire represents energy. Fire has strong masculine energy but often neglects the feminine principles. The biggest challenge for one guided by fire is to remain calm and peaceful, remembering that passivity is needed as much as an activity. This element connects all other elements and is found in them all. Signs belonging to this element have strong needs to feel liberated and problems with their surroundings.

Their goal often is to stop pleasing others and follow their most liberating ideas.