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They communicate on the basis of benefits, interest and benefit to themselves and interact. Competitors Twins win an absolute non-perception or sudden cold cruel and insensitive actions. Gemini strictly punish people interacting for mistakes. East mark Year of the Dragon - , , , , , , , , , , , , , Year of the Dragon forms a natural strategy, the field for the relationship to the level of the twelfth circumstances.

People born in the Year of the Dragon, furnished relationships with people, prudent in view of their experience, business Maximalists aspiring to power. Regardless of the sign of the zodiac people born in the Year of the Dragon, we have to participate in the working processes in which people interact mainly occupy the position of "Presidents and heads of public organizations. Surrounding people regardless of their zodiac signs and Oriental's in a relationship with a person born in the Year of the Dragon, show increased consistency, pragmatism and perseverance.

People interacting with this person lead the relationship on the basis of the zodiac sign Aquarius: "Give people their face. This combination of characters is shown pulses of highly active behavior in a person who has slazhivayutsya relationships with people exhibiting a dictatorship, and the dry logic. Gemini affect the mood of people around with their positive self-interest and prudence. Gemini can be used in dealing with people high speed, sometimes cruel and "dry" logic.

Year of the Dragon forms arrogant terms of interacting with people who have strategic views on life events and cruel, sadistic, inhuman treatment of people in the workplace and interpersonal processes. Gemini born in the Year of the Dragon, overcomes frequent dictatorship, to show the people around him.

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Thus Gemini able to attach the surrounding masses of people to address their individual and collective objectives. Interacting people tend to obey this man because of his ties to the community, relations with the powers that people, their cruelty or tricks. Twins have a tendency to easily use the results of other people's circumstances and opportunities. Year of the Dragon builds a relationship with the people who require much more than give themselves. Within the Gemini and Dragon combination personality lies the flashy enthusiasm and highly perceptive qualities of the mythical creature.

When a Gemini is born in the Chinese astrological Year of the Dragon, he is believed to be bestowed with a generous portion of perception. This added foresight, when mixed with the Gemini Western Astrology traits of high sociability and intelligence, usually results in the person acquiring an intuitive character. This makes these personalities very understanding people, excellent friends and kind, considerate and loyal partners.

Being a Dragon-influenced personality, these Geminis are also considered to carry with them in their personalities much good fortune. Chinese astrologists regarded the Dragon as a symbol of luck, and those born in their year to gain this naturally lucky streak. The Gemini Dragon has an innovative mind and often utilizes his or her talents to become very successful in life. These people are driven by ambition and will work tirelessly towards goals until they succeed. This is applicable in both their work and personal lives. If these people set out to achieve something then they usually do, as they have very determined personalities.

The Gemini Dragon individual is flexible, but does not like to waste time on anything. They place great value on their leisure time for relaxation and hate being disturbed for trivialities. These characters can be difficult to live with, as they do not like to feel crowded, preferring plenty of space, and peace and quiet. As the Gemini Dragon matures, they become much more tolerant of others, and so more accommodating in their preferences. Their foresight develops and they learn to trust these instincts, allowing them to better judge people and their varying needs.

When they reach this level in their personality, the Gemini Dragon will be ready to settle down; before this stage they are often contented with the company of friends.

The emotional sensitivity of the Gemini Dragon ensures that relationships with them will be open and honest. While they may like their solitary moments and their own way much of the time, they also greatly value companionship and intimacy. A Gemini Dragon will try to use the foresight he has to carefully evaluate potential soulmates based on their given opinions and views on things.

By conversing with others and spending time with them, these Geminis gain lots of clues and a clear insight into the person's underlying personality. This helps them wisely choose a partner who is very compatible and for the long term. When the Gemini Dragon personality is angry or incredibly upset you will sometimes experience a glimpse of their fiery temper. This trait is normally well hidden and will only emerge if the Dragon part of the personality and his associated short, temperamental fuse is ignited. To calm a Gemini Dragon down, you need to appreciate their need for quiet reflection and not approach them until you feel they have had time to have done this.

Once they have calmed, these individuals will then be able to redirect their anger in a more positive direction. The Foresighted Gemini Dragon Personality Within the Gemini and Dragon combination personality lies the flashy enthusiasm and highly perceptive qualities of the mythical creature. Comments: Gemini Dragon Personality. Em Jun 6 - very true It has saved myself and others multiple times.

Understanding also who is right for me and my time has been good to have a intuitive feeling on. Now when I have entered my adult life I am surely more calm and reflective. Used my abilities on future predictions to build person wealth and deep relationships. With the dual mind and creative side, I like to experience max always.

Love and sex based on true honesty and controlled sensual and emotional electric vibration. Being a true man of higher consciousness I am best suited in a role living with 2 women in daily life. Where other men are happy to be able to get 1, I see life in another way.

Geminis Are Liars, Cheats, and Thieves and Everyone Knows It - VICE

All is energy and being the man in a family consisting of 2 or more women, I enjoy the higher energy fields I create and direct. The Gemini in me holds the curious alive, the dragon in me holds the fire. Born on the 13th, I am the New beginning. I am born as a twin and my real name means also twin. My name is also the same as was normal given to priests.

I enjoy exploring the physical world we live in, but also the meta physical. I like to help others out of difficult thoughts, increasing their vibrational register. Addicted to sun and light, I move as the birds in winter months, thinking life is more then sitting and waiting for it to return in spring. Living in a world with free will and endless opertunities, I share these thoughts with you wishing you peace and happiness on your human experience.

All these words are super!! Alex I was born may 28, Male, everything thats stated is true. Love it! Jackson True indeed! Was born on the exact same day as you Occupying an eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus, and named for the centaur physician of Greek myth who taught ancient wisdom to mankind, Chiron represents the archetype of the "Wounded Healer" and is associated with shamanism and going within to heal oneself.

Its discovery is synchronous with the rise of the holistic health movement. Chiron's position in the chart reveals where one has been wounded, and where also there is the opportunity for discovering healing from within and sharing this discovery with other people, since from our wounds arises our compassion for the suffering of others.

The position of Chiron, by house and sign, can also show where we have talent and access to ancient wisdom, as well as where we may depart from the mainstream in service to a higher practicality. Those with prominent Chiron are likely to be educators and spiritual healers. More about Chiron As goddess of the harvest and the natural process of fertility and renewal, Ceres represents the process of nurturing and motherhood in an individual chart, and has been attributed to the sign Cancer as a co-ruler with the Moon, as well as to the signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo.

More about Ceres The astrology of the asteroid Pallas indicates the creative use of the mental faculty in combination with ageless wisdom, and is also involved with the arts, especially the plastic arts such as sculpture and pottery, and with medicinal remedies.

More about Pallas The astrology of Juno indicates partnering energy of intimate relationships, as in the more modern issues of where the boundaries are with another person, how much sharing is appropriate, versus holding back, are there issues of bitterness and jealousy, or projected authority and control onto another person, and intimacy needs in general. More about Juno In the astrology of Vesta issues of sexuality and completeness unto oneself predominate. Possible associations are the woman or man who chooses celibacy, but as a nun or monk takes on a higher purpose than normal family life, also issues of sexuality and who is ultimately served in the process, self or other.

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More about Vesta While the lower expression of Eris might manifest as the lust for struggle and violence, there is also a more positive manifestation in the most basic defense of one's rights in standing up to established power, by violence if necessary. By recognizing and coming to terms with this potentially violent factor in ourselves we can grow as humans and become more whole.

The astrology of Haumea seems to be related to love of the natural world and to the fecundity of natural process. This archetype thus signals profound connection to Nature, connection to Source, and a form of natural charisma. More about Haumea The astrology of Makemake is related to love of the natural world and to the activism associated with defending the environment. This archetype thus signals a profound connection to nature that is quite similar to the archetype of Haumea, his fellow traveler in the Kuiper Belt, with the same astronomical designation and also named from the pantheon of indigenous gods and goddesses.

More about Makemake The Part of Fortune from the Latin Pars Fortuna is the only Arabian astrology part still commonly used in modern astrology. It indicates an area of life that is a fortunate one for the native. The house in which the Part of Fortune is placed indicates an area of your life which is likely to be a successful one for you; an area where the applications of your skill will bear fruit. Its is where you will find good luck and happiness. More about the Planetary Bodies The Nodes of the Moon indicate areas of life that are of special concern to you. Also referred to as the dragon's head, The North Node indicates your goals.

The placement of the North Node indicates work that needs to be done in your life, or new faculties that need to be developed in the present lifetime. Also known as the dragon's tail, the South Node indicates areas of mastery, often from a previous lifetime. Aries people tend to be energetic, forceful and outgoing. They are good at getting things done, although they prefer starting to finishing. Like the energy of the first rush of spring, they move into the world in a headstrong, pioneering way. Aries people are likely to rush into things before reflecting, and may also be impatient or unwilling to sit back and allow events to mature.

More about Aries Taureans revel in the pleasures of life. They crave the security and comfort of relaxing in the warmth of their home environment. They value the senses and the enjoyment of material things. Taureans are likely to work hard to make their home an attractive one. They also have the makings of a healer and have a large capacity for kindness.

More about Taurus More about Gemini Cancerians are nurturing and protective of others. Their ruling planet is the Moon, and they tend to be moody, with constantly changing emotions. Cancerians are also likely to be security-conscious and highly value their home life.

They may appear passive, and tend to rely on their feelings to make decisions.


They are subtle, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around them. More about Cancer Leos are likely to express themselves in dramatic, creative and assertive ways. They are also likely to enjoy the warmth of the physical Sun. Leos have great energy, courage and honesty.

They are likely to be self-confident and maybe even a bit self-indulgent as they expect to be the center of attention, and often are. Leos can be quite determined and usually get their way when they really want to. They also possess great integrity, and are a natural leader. Virgos love work, service to others and the gathering of the fruits of the material world, as symbolized by the harvest.

They are also likely to be a good conversationalist, with wide-ranging knowledge and interesting ideas. They can be analytical and perhaps overly fond of detail, with perfectionist tendencies, and they may miss out on the big picture by concentrating on the micro.

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  • It also benefits them to learn the fine line between discrimination and criticism. More about Virgo Libra is the sign of harmony and relationship. The Sun in Libra is at the time of the Equinox, when day equals night, and similarly Libra strives for balance between polarities. Librans are known for their good taste, elegance and charm. They are seekers of harmony and beauty. More about Libra Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac, and is associated with sexual activity and with the symbolism of death and rebirth.

    Their emotions run deep. Scorpios have great personal magnetism and great powers of persuasion or even the ability to coerce others. More about Scorpio